GoddessFever cruel findom cam


GoddessFever. I have actually been admiring this stunningly gorgeous Findom Goddess for over 7 years now. She has had several very successful solo websites (but the very best way to get her is at Dungeonvideochat), been a camming Goddess and now GoddessFever is a fin Dom or Financial Dominatrix.

There are thousands, even 10s of thousands if not more, women/dommes either earning money or attempting to succeed in the findom world, however many dint understand what they’re doing. Many are even just beautiful women who believe they can get rich quick by getting guys to provide a lots of cash. In reality, there’s s good deal more to this fetish than calling oneself a fin dom and informing guys to send you money. It takes a true Domme to do it and achieve success at it. You really should delight in the mindfuck as much, if not more, than the cash. With GoddessFever you can tell she truly does.

GoddessFever is a genuine Financial Dominatrix and She will get a detailed list of your income, outgoings and after that choose just how much is to be provided to her. She can take it from the leftovers after you’ve paid your bills or she might decide you can cut down on a few luxuries (cable television, nights out, your cars and truck). The option is hers however rest assured, the decision is not up for settlement.

You are Her Pay Pig. Her little human ATM and if She want something then YOU are buying it. If you max out your charge card then you’ll require to get another. If you go overdrawn at the bank then you will need to increase it. She don’t really care. But if She want a set of Jimmy Choos then you much better cough up the cash for them.

How you get it is your problem. The cruel Mistress cameras are always available for those who require to be trained and taken to task by a strong dominant female, this is the way of life you are now registering to, and as soon as you have actually signed that slave contract there is never any returning, so be prepared, be ready and know your slave weak slave kid!